School of Ministry


We have a commission to raise up a Joshua and Caleb generation. Out of two million people, there were only two who entered into God’s promises and the fullness of them. In a culture of fear, doubt, and idolatry these two were wholly devoted to the Lord, they believed what God said in the face of what they saw with their own eyes, they were resilient, and persevering. At eighty-five years old, Caleb was still filled with faith to take on the giants of the land.

In prayer, we are hearing that a tidal wave of the enemy’s agenda is here and on the way, and we’re called to raise up a generation that rises above it. In your lifetime, only faith will float. These are urgent days.

And, God isn’t finished yet. Christ will not return until every tribe and every tongue has come into His eternal Kingdom. We are to raise up a Joshua and Caleb generation who have a faith that endures to the end, that overcomes to the end, to see the Great Commission fulfilled to the ends of the earth.

The school of Ministry exists to see His Kingdom breaking in in power resulting in the advance of His mission to the praise of His name.

What is distinct about the CHCC School of Ministry?

Worship | Word | Spirit | Prayer

When we read of the early church, we read of a people who walked in God’s power.

They proclaimed the Gospel in word, deed, and signs and wonders. Also know as Declare, Do, Demonstrate.

The world will not be won by intellectual prowess, by bickering, or by debates. It’s not enough just to know. It’s also not enough just to do. The living and the doing, has to be accompanied with a powerful verbal witness and declaration, otherwise the living is misinterpreted for what it’s not. “They are a good person. They are a nice person. They are a kind person.” No lives and no eternities are changed from that alone. There must be a demonstration of God’s power and presence, but not just to receive an encounter or healing and then walking away. It’s meant to fill the altars with worshipers, not just being in awe of what occurred and then going on their way. It’s meant to produce worship, faith, surrender.

To do that, to have these three, Declare, Do, Demonstrate you’re going to need to have all four of these. Worship and Prayer. Word and Spirit. You don’t get those three without those four.

We are to declare in power, demonstrate in power, and do in power.

These requires a life of:

  1. Dependence in prayer
  2. Devotion to His word
  3. Drive for His worship
  4. Direction of the Spirit


What is the profile for those who should attend this School of Ministry?

Those called to Ministry

  • How do you know?
    • You feel that to do anything else would be disobedient.
    • You feel there is no greater privilege and no greater honor than giving however much time, however many years you have to one thing, Him, and His Name being made great.
    • You had a moment where you felt like you heard this call. You may be looking for confirmation that it was real, but that moment happened.
    • God has placed a burden within you for His praise, or for the lost, or for His word, or for a generation to be raised up, for a wrong to be righted, for a place for a people group. It can be this specific, but it can be a general sense that you can’t imagine doing anything else than serving Him with your whole life. For you nothing else matters. Nothing else comes close. You don’t know what, but you can’t imagine or stomach the thought of doing anything else.
    • You may not feel qualified, having no stand out strength or skill to offer. You think to yourself “I don’t even know what I would do.” Don’t be afraid. He doesn’t need that. He doesn’t need people who depend on themselves and what they can see. When God called me I said to Him, “I can’t sing. I can’t speak. I’m shy and introverted. What would I possibly do?” He said, “I’ll show you when you get there.”
  • This School of Ministry is for ministers of a different kind, of a different caliber. We’re talking about a different breed.
    • Wholly given to Him. All Heart. All Mind. All life. All time. No piecing and parsing and parceling out sections or chunks for God. All.
    • Persevering and Prevailing people. This is the Navy Seals boot camp of ministry. You probably know that the Seals make the ring out quit bell be available and easily accessible so anyone can quit easily at any time. While enduring sleep deprivation and cruel and unusual punishment, freezing and in agony the instructors are warm and drinking coffee and donuts and offering them to you if you’ll just quit. Listen, every day in ministry the enemy does that. He puts the bell in sight, and calls God’s ministers to quit. We are here to raise up a rare breed. If you’re kind of whimpy and whiny and complainy and quitty by nature it’s probably not the right program for you unless you’re going to allow it to be knocked out of you. If you’re looking for a vacation year don’t do this. This will be hard. Very hard. Lots of work. Long hours. Spiritual warfare will be real. There are other places to become a laid back minister. This is not one of them. This is not an internship where you clock in and clock out. It’s a bootcamp. You will have no life outside this program for a year.
  • This is for those drawn to any type of ministry – administration, technology, pastoral, teaching, local, international. Ministry needs every type of gifting.
  • In terms of age? This is designed to be a gap year before college after graduating high school as a primary, secondarily a gap year right after college, but able to flex for those older also. It’s meant for one year, but can be extended beyond.
  • It’s for men and women
  • For those who believe the bible, that God’s word is without error, the authority on faith and life
  • Related, is for those who strive to be submitted to God and His word in all walks of life, who don’t see surrender as the finish line but the starting line and the standard every step of the way.
  • This school of Ministry is for those who believe in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit
  • Also, for any area of focus all will have the same teaching, and same standard, sharing the same theological and philosophical training as the rest regardless of ministry calling and focus, but with unique and additional tactical training based upon the aim.



What is the profile of what this School of Ministry is intended to produce?

    • 100% of graduates to go on and serve faithfully in ministry.
    • Graduates leave with a clearer perspective of God’s design and calling on their life. Coming in most of you won’t know what you are called to do specifically in ministry. However, by the end a shaped sense of calling and design over your lives is an outcome we aim for.
    • Graduates exit with the confidence to walk by faith and not by sight
    • First commandment first, His praise their priority
    • Love God’s Word, Believe God’s Word, Proud of God’s Word, Devoted to God’s Word
    • Competent of the whole of God’s word from Genesis to Revelation and How it all hangs together.
    • Confidence in God’s character
    • Identity as loved son, loved daughter, fixed, stable, secure
    • A heart to hear God’s voice
    • A lifestyle of prayer: Intercessory and Inquiring
    • Free from idols of significance, security, and satisfaction
    • Freedom to do ministry in peace, without identity on the line, with joy, for the one they love and trust.
    • Sharpened minds, softened hearts, spirit-submitted feet
    • Knowing their dependence, acting in reliance on Him
    • A persevering and enduring walk with Christ
    • Word & Spirit
    • Worship & Prayer


In this School of Ministry you will be trained UP, DOWN, and OUT, forming a razor sharp arrow point, in a triangle, the strongest of shapes, that you can be shot out around the world.

Again, this is one year, but can stretch to two.

It is full-time.

This is the Navy Seals version of a ministry school.

This church does not need your labor. This is not a staffing model. It would be easier for us to NOT have this school, but you can’t be trained without doing. You will DO a lot, experience a lot, in addition to learning a lot.

Learn, Experience, Do. It’s a combination of those three.

You’ll be fully engaged around weekend ministry and revival nights.

You’ll be on staff, here doing the responsibilities of the day with us

Again and again the emphasis will be on Faith – Step then See, not See then Step. Leaps of faith in the face of fear will be a norm

Three categories: Learn, Do, Experience


    • Training your mind Biblically – You will be taught how to engage with issues of today. Teaching you to face what you haven’t faced before through the filter of scripture. You can’t navigate shifting waters by memorization. This school is a place of deconstruction, but not deconstructing faith, which is what is usually meant by deconstruction, but learning to deconstruct what is coming against your faith, and learning to walk by faith. You will learn how to see and recognize, “What am I being asked to believe? What does He say on this subject?”
    • You will read the New Testament 12 times, once monthly, in your year of being here as well.


    • Staff Meetings
    • Leadership meetings, a variety of them
    • Serve Revival Nights
    • Serve Weekend Services
    • Mentor meeting – each of you will have 1 mentor
      • Prayerfully hand-picked for each of you
    • There will be a rotation into areas of ministry outside of your focus. All will prepare teaching devotions, all will serve on an administrative project, all will do a rotation in kids ministry, in prayer ministry, all will leave with exposure to a broad scope of ministry
    • Assignments and homework from what you’re learning
    • Key ministry responsibilities will be entrusted to you


    • International Ministry Experience
    • All will be in a section community
    • Recipients of prayer ministry
    • Inquiring Prayer
    • Recruiting, envisioning and leading volunteers
    • Sharing the gospel, each will leave able to and eager to


Accepting 5 this first year, 25 next year

Starts summer 2020

August 1 2020– July 31 2021

Host homes provided if needed

We pay $10,000 / annually that is a dollar for dollar match up to this amount yielding $20,000 total in spending money, sufficient considering no rent required. So, yes, fundraising from your networks will be a part of this. For those accepted, we’ll give coaching on how to do this.

Next Steps

  • Interviews – Sunday, February 9 (If traveling we’ll arrange a second date)
  • Decision Timeline – Decisions by March 1
  • Click here – to contact someone or ask questions