In Uphold, our special needs program, we invite people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live a life of ability and to reach the fullest potential that God intended for them. Our goal is to make church their favorite part of the week. Their families and caregivers can attend weekend services, knowing their loved ones are engaged in a safe, fun environment designed to help them learn more about God and build friendships with one another.

We have provided during all three of the weekend services in room 165 depending on what suits your need the best:

  • Inclusion: Because we promote inclusion within the greater body of Cherry Hills Community Church, we strive first for this for every child that comes into our ministry. We partner with each of our Next Gen departments to identify a “buddy” who can provide the full support they need in order for them to be integrated into their age-appropriate ministry.
  • Uphold Experience: Here we provide a fun experience that is tailored specifically for any kids with special needs or those who have any sensory processing needs. During this hour, our Uphold staff and volunteers engage kids through modified Bible stories, sensory play, music, group discussions and prayer.

New Family

Before your first visit, we’d love to get in touch with you. This will help prepare our staff and volunteers to welcome you and be equipped to provide a safe environment that meets the unique needs of your loved one.

Participant Intake Form

We’d love for your child to be a regular attender and would love to get to know each participant as best as we can.  Any information you provide will help us do that.  This intake form will enable us to better offer a safe environment and will allow us to provide specific love and care for your child.

All information will remain confidential and will only be shared with Uphold Ministry staff and applicable volunteers.