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Welcome to the Cherry Hills Community Church (CHCC) Next Gen Protection Plan Website. On this site you will find everything you need to know about our policies and procedures for protecting all our kids here at church.

We strongly believe that creating a safe place of belonging for kids of all ages, to discover who God created them to be starts with creating a physically and emotionally safe environment around them. As CHCC staff and volunteers, we require compliance with the CHCC policies and procedures when interacting with kids. CHCC requires staff and volunteers to keep their actions and intentions pure and honoring to Christ.

No matter what serving role you are applying for CHCC has strict guidelines and processes that must be completed in order to serve. On this site you will find everything you will need to successfully enter yourself in the volunteer application process. Applying for a serving role does not mean you will automatically be cleared to serve, a staff member from the ministries you are applying for will review all information provided and will work with you directly to clear you as a volunteer leader.

Step 1: Apply To Serve

Get Started

The application is the first step in starting the volunteer process and should be completed before anything else is done.

What is the process and requirements ?
For anyone serving in a any capacity with kids (under 18)
• Submit an application
• Background check + Reference check
• (For those 15 and older) Watch the child protection video online + take quiz
• (For those 15 and older) Read and sign the Commitment Statement. When completed turn in to your ministry Staff Member.

Step 2: Child Protection Video

(For those 15 and older) Watch this short video below that gives an overview of our policies and some of the realities of our culture today. At the end of the video please complete the short quiz to ensure you understand what our policies are.



(For those 15 and older) Please complete this short quiz to ensure you understand what our policies are.

Step 3: Commitment Statements

(For those 15 and older) Please read and sign the Commitment Statements. When completed turn in a signed physical copy of the last page in to a Next Gen staff member in your area.

Kidspoint Ministry Commitment Statement

Midpoint Student Ministry Commitment Statement

Highpoint Student Ministry Commitment Statement

Uphold Special Needs Ministry Commitment Statement