Study Guide

If you and/or your small group like to take notes, feel free to fill out the following study guide during the video interview. This will also help prepare you for the final exam at the end of the OLOGY series. To distribute this study guide to your small group, you can either:

  1. Send them this link: cherryhills.com/study-guide-7.
  2. Download and print out the study guide here.

Starter Questions

Discuss these questions before watching the video interview.

1. As we begin our final series on Ology, share a testimony of how you’ve seen God move in your personal life over the past few weeks.

2. When you watch the news or look around your neighborhood, what are some of the things that weigh heavy on you – things you would want God to change?

3. It’s often said that “perception is reality.” What comes to mind when you hear any of the following words: missions, evangelism or revival?


If you would like to access the videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo, click the links below.



Discovery Questions

1. Why is knowing your societal context and the cultural background of people important to the success of missions – domestic and international?

2. Both sharing the gospel (ie – verbal evangelism) as well as addressing the physical and psychological needs of people fall into the category of Christian mission.

a. Do you gravitate toward one or the other?
b. Why is it imperative that we not separate them from each other?

3. Dr. Woodbridge said that in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20), Jesus gives the church its ‘marching orders.’

a. What does that phrase infer?
b. When was the last time you had a conversation with a non-believing friend about spiritual matters?
c. What fears or struggles are keeping you from sharing your faith?
d. If you are investigating Christianity, how does this passage resonate with you?

4. Dr. Woodbridge referred to Luke 11:5-13 as one of the most influential passages in the history of missions and revival. Read through these verses and consider:

a. What about this passage makes it so impactful for those engaged in missions and evangelism?
b. What personal significance can you draw from these verses?

5. Dependence on the ‘Power of the Gospel,’ the ‘Power of the Word’, and the ‘Power of the Holy Spirit,’ is just as essential for the fulfillment of the church’s mission today as it was for Martin Luther during the Protestant reformation.

a. What do each of these phrases mean?
b. Why are they necessary?
c. Which are do you feel the need to grow the most in? Explain.

Application Questions

1. Consider, what you do, who you connect with, and where you connect with people on a regular basis that do not yet know Jesus?

a. How natural is it for you to be open about your beliefs?
b. How natural is it for you to share your faith?
c. If sharing your faith does not come naturally to you, what keeps you from sharing the Gospel?

2. Think of one or two people in your life that do not know Jesus.

a. How can you pray for each of them specifically today?
b. Determine how and when you will invite them to attend church or a small group with you or even engage them in conversation about where you are spiritually.

3. Read 2 Chronicles 7:14.

a. Describe the promise God makes to His people.
b. As our church is pursuing a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit (i.e. – Revival), what steps can you take to prepare yourself?

4. Before you leave (and as God calls it to mind after this meeting) pray that God will give you a love and burden for those who don’t know Jesus and a heart that aligns with His.

A word of encouragement:  Never forget – you are not alone! Read Matthew 28:18-20 and recognize that the Great Commission is bookend by both His power and His presence.

Meditate on how He has given you His power and His presence. In addition, He has given you the power of the Gospel, the power of the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit!

Thinking Ahead

  • Small Groups Continuing to Meet:
    • Step 1: plan the needed details (who’s going to host, what can people bring, etc.)
    • Step 2: if you do not have a set curriculum, I would encourage you to follow the 5 Revival Values. There are several Small Groups following this plan and are experiencing God in profound ways. See a sample schedule by clicking below.
  • Small Groups NOT Continuing to Meet: whether you discontinue your Small Group or someone wants to join a different Small Group, please communicate the importance of community and prioritize connecting them to a Section Community Leader, who can help find them a Small Group. To see a list of our communities, click HERE.