Get Connected

Making Big Church Small. We were created to be in relationship with others, but in a big church, it can be difficult to know where to start. At Cherry Hills, we feel communities are a great way for you to start connecting with others and begin experiencing life together. See the list below for a community designed for you.

Singles 45+

We are single men and women in the halftime of life who are actively pursuing a relationship with Jesus and each other. Regardless of whether you’ve never married, are divorced, or are widowed, come join us and see if this is the community you are looking for. We gather on Saturday evenings and throughout the month to have fun, grow in faith and make a positive impact in our community through service and activities. Contact: Ramona Spilman

Set the Captives Free

Hardship and struggle have not been far from us and our families – whether homelessness, incarceration, addiction or abuse – but we have discovered hope, healing and life in Christ! As a community, we understand the depths of forgiveness and the power of building relationships to journey through this life together. We welcome any and all, understanding that while we have all been impacted by the brokenness of life, there is hope and wholeness for the future! Contact: Charles and Teresa Frederick


Sometimes they come to visit and sometimes they come to live with us, but grandchildren always offer an opportunity for positive impact. Regardless of the circumstances, grandparents are uniquely qualified to be an important resource to our children's children as well as to the children of the community at large. Dubbed "Grand Central," this Section Community is a dynamic celebration of this time-honored role and is a place where we grow in faith and serve together as grandparents. Contact: Aaron and Tami Lopez


Whether you were born in the States or abroad, there are common things that connect us and unique things that represent our hearts: food, culture, music, family, friends and celebrations. You are invited to help build a community that reaches into many different cultures within and outside the church. We seek to use our love for and understanding of cultural diversity to build bridges of friendship and hope to those outside of our church community. Let’s live out Christ’s love for the nations right here in our community. Contact: Prem Samuel