Weekly Prayer & Worship Gathering


Followers of Jesus (company of 120) were gathered together in Acts 1, waiting on the Holy Spirit to come, as Jesus had instructed them to do (Acts 1:4-5). In the nine days between Jesus’ ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit, the disciples devote themselves to prayer (Acts 1:14) and worship (Luke 24:52-53). They wait on God together in community.

Prayer & Worship were central to the early church and it’s central to us at Cherry Hills.

Prayer is not a ministry we do; it has become who we are.

That’s why we are calling together a group of 120 intercessors to gather either in person or over Zoom once a week for ONE hour.

Time: Wednesdays, 12-1p
Location: Prayer room at Cherry Hills or over Zoom (Sign Up to receive more details and Zoom link)

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