Pray, Package, Provide, Prevent

Four ways to show Christ's hospitality to One Another in this season.

We are committed as a church to being Christ’s compassion, Christ’s help and Christ’s hospitality to the world around us whose needs are now escalating.


We are a church who believes that what is needed most is the power and presence of God. He is our hope. He is our provider. He is our source. So, we seek him in the place of dependence, in the place of need, on our knees in prayer.

As part of that, we are calling everyone who calls Cherry Hills home to do their part by signing up for one hour of 24/7 prayer this month.





God has blessed our church to become one of the highest volume food providers in our region to those who are in need. Additionally, we have taken on the responsibility to package food for those students who were receiving subsidized or free hot meals at school, but no longer can. Furthermore, days ago we became a designated emergency food distribution center in Highlands Ranch. The needs for food to be packaged, so that those in need can receive hospitality from God’s heart, through His house, His church, are growing.

This takes people working. As we do, we abide by the president’s, the governors, the CDC’s and our counties’ wishes to avoid gatherings of more than 10.

If you would like to help package meals, or if you or someone you know needs meal assistance, please email



Some hands are needed to hand groceries through a window to a car, others are needed to help deliver those groceries and supplies to their homes.

If you would like to help give or deliver, please email


Part of providing is the cost of purchasing. This is a time when we as a church continue in faithfulness in giving, but go beyond giving to generosity. If you are willing to give financially in this season, please click the link below and select Local Compassion (Manna) from the drop down menu.




Preventing is about doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Although we cannot eliminate risk, we can reduce risk. Although we can’t stop coronavirus, we can slow coronavirus. Although we can’t erase the curve, we can help to flatten the curve. That is why we’re committed to honoring those in authority and heeding their direction.