2019 Midweek Experience

Midweek offers a variety of classes every Wednesday from 6:15-8:00p.

Wednesdays, 6:15 – 8:15p


Midweek Experience: meaningful worship followed by classes where one can ask questions and wrestle with both spiritual and emotional truths in a safe and welcoming environment. Wherever you are in your faith journey, let’s learn and grow together. Come as you are and bring a friend!

Midweek Schedule

Dates: Wednesdays, beginning January 16


Drop-Off: 6:00p for KidZone at Kidspoint Lobby

Welcome & Worship: 6:15-6:40p in the Dixon Chapel Sanctuary

Classes: 6:45-8:15p Register at the door or below

*Alpha will be from January 23 – March 27 at 6:15p in the Main Lobby, visit here for details.


KidZone is all about helping kids build their faith in a fun, safe and highly encouraging environment. It is for elementary age kids and younger and is where kids learn simple biblical truths about God at a developmentally appropriate level in a safe, fun, and loving environment. Contact Pam Flanagan or 303.325.8409.

Midweek Class Offerings


Following Jesus: Relishing in Research

April 24

Are you reading through the Bible in One Year with us, just opening up those pages, or have no idea where to start? Join us for a one week study to unlock the power of the second R – Research – in the 4-R bible study method. Experience how to develop your faith and discover the word of God in a way you never have before.

Led by: Ramona Spilman


Following Jesus: Spiritual Gifts

May 1 – 8

What are the spiritual gifts?
Why are they important?
Who gets which gift?
What if I don’t like my gifting? (Do I get to choose?)
Do other people have my gift?
How many gifts do I get?

We all have these questions and you are not alone. Join us for two weeks explore the answers and discover why spiritual gifts are close to God’s Heart.



Parenting from The Tree of Life

January 16 – March 20

Parenting from The Tree of Life provides insight and practical application focused on helping parents build strong family relationships and create an encouraging environment that leads to healthy outcomes for children ages 3-13.
This 10 week Class/DVD series will explore many issues and topics that parents find challenging including:
– The “Why” of parenting and your parenting strategy
– Giving proper instruction that leads to compliance
– How to avoid becoming the bribing, repeating, and threatening parent
– Teaching basic life courtesies and civilities
– Parenting in the Digital Age
– The Discipline Flowchart: Encouragement & Correction
Getting on the same “parenting” page with your spouse is important. So we highly recommend that that both parents attend the class together – no additional charge!

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The Art of Parenting for Blended Families

April 3 – May 22

Directed for married blended families, dating/engaged couples moving toward remarriage, or single parents, this eight week class will help parents find new ways to integrate faith into everyday parenting moments. We can help parents make faith the core of their parenting with intentional, biblical teaching and Christ-centered plans. Based on Psalm 127:4, this class will address the goal of parenting, forming character, applying discipline, building relationships, understanding identity, nurturing identity, preparing for mission, and the power of family.

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Toddlerhood Transitions

April 3 – 24

Toddlerhood (18 months to 3 years) is a period of amazing, spontaneous, engaging, yet challenging time for children and parents. This class provides practical and relevant concepts that parents can apply right away. Based upon the principles presented in the Parenting from The Tree of Life Series, this class will address structure, routine, conflict, instruction, encouragement and correction.

This updated five-part DVD series will explore many issues and topics that parents find challenging including:

-The “Why” of parenting
-The importance of Structure & Routine
-The Nature of Toddler Conflict & Obedience
-Sending Right & Wrong Messages
-Instruction, Encouragement & Correction

Understanding the Toddlerhood Transition and having an intentional parenting strategy can put you on the right path in your parenting journey!



The Secret Battle of Ideas About God: Overcoming 5 Fatal Worldviews

April 3 – May 15

We are shaped by many forces in culture, education, media, etc. Many Christians have a conversion of heart, yet continue to think like the world. Chances are you have been infected without even realizing it. According to Barna Research less than one in five Christians have a Biblical worldview. Idea viruses stemming from: Secularism, Marxism, Postmodernism and others are rampant among the Church  today. We are called to Love God with our mind and to renew our mind, being transformed. The way we think has consequences. Come discover how other worldviews and the bible address life’s great issues: Love, Healing, Purpose, Peace and Hope.


The Best Yes

January 16 – February 20

The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeurst, will help you replace the “disease to please” with a better understanding of the command to love, escape the shame and guilt of disappointing others by learining the secret of the “small no” and overcoming the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom-based decision-making process.

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Respectable Sins

April 3 – May 8

Have Christians become so preoccupied with “major” sins that we have lost sight of our need to deal with more subtle sins? Author Jerry Bridges addresses the “acceptable” sins that we tend to tolerate in ourselves, including pride and anger. He goes to the heart of the matter, exploring our feelings of shame and grief and opening a new door to God’s forgiveness and grace. Travel down the road of spiritual formation with Jerry and discover your true identity as a loved child of God.

Led by: Bryan Kucinski

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Following Jesus: Rooted

January 29 – February 27

This five-week course provides an overview of some vital concepts that contribute to personal growth as a follower of Christ. Whether you have been following Christ for decades or only a few short moments, this class will allow you the opportunity to learn new tools, share stories with others and gain new perspectives on who you are in relation to Christ and others.

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Men’s Gathering

Wednesdays, beginning January 16

Join a group of men who are seeking a deeper understanding of their faith. Explore how to live as a godly man in a safe and welcoming environment.

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Prayer Team
Begins January 16

A faithful group meets every Wednesday to pray for our church, our nation, the military and other needs. You are invited to join in this vital ministry. Located in the cry room of the Worship Center.

January 23 – March 27
Register here.

Alpha is a series of interactive discussions exploring the meaning of life and the Christian faith in a friendly atmosphere over a meal. Visit here for details. Please note that Alpha participants should go directly to the new Pavilion Rooms at 6:15p.

Led by: Tyler Grissom


Pastoral Care Training

January 16 – March 20

Learn how to effectively walk alongside those who are facing life’s difficulties and crisis. Various ministry tools will be shared including prayer, presence, listening skills and story. This training is highly interactive and experiential with the chance to practice your newly developed skills.

Led by: Mary Ellen Blatchford


Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement

May 1 – May 29

This class provides knowledge and resources to plan for a successful retirement. It will clarify expectations about Medicare, Medicaid and Long-Term care; give understanding about Social Security benefits; explore challenges you may face; and help you discover joy and purpose in retirement.

Led by: Bob Schulz


English Conversation Corner
First and third Wednesday of each month

Are you learning English? This is the place to come to practice English conversation with native English speakers in a non-threatening environment. We provide a topic and you and a partner just sit and talk about it.

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Grief Support
January 16 – March 20

The journey through grief can often be frightening, painful and sometimes lonely. This program will help you heal in grief’s journey with a community of comfort and encouragement.

Registration is required.

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Examine God’s design for marriage and apply biblical principles that guide couples in difficult circumstances toward healing and growth.

Led by: Melinda and Michael Parisi

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A 12-step recovery and discipleship community to walk through difficulties and find healing.

Led by: Beki Grissom

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A safe place for women who have been sexually abused/assaulted to share their experiences and begin a healing process.

Led by: Linda Wilson

Registration: Email shelter@chcc.org


KidZone is all about helping kids build their faith in a fun, safe and highly encouraging environment. It is for elementary age kids and younger and is where kids learn simple biblical truths about God at a developmentally appropriate level in a safe, fun, and loving environment. Contact Pam Flanagan or 303.325.8409.

Questions? Contact Vivian Mulhern or 303.325.8382