Wednesdays, 6:15-8:00p, starting September 12

Time: Wednesdays, 6:15 – 8:00p

Starts September 12

Awana reaches kids for Christ through fun, Scripture-rich experiences that lead them to know, love and serve Him.

Kids represent the greatest opportunity to make a long-term impact on our world for Christ. Offered through local churches, community groups and homes, Awana reaches kids where they’re at and walks alongside them in their faith journey. Those kids who come to faith at an early age discover God’s purpose for their lives and hope for the future. Ministry leaders and parents witness the profound impact Awana has in reaching kids with the gospel and watching them grow as long-term disciples. That’s why so many families and leaders have returned year after year, week after week, for more than three generations.

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Space is limited so sign up today.

Note: The more volunteers we have the more kids we can accept, consider serving as a volunteer this year and help make a lasting impact. More info on volunteers below.

Club Overview:

Awana has programs for kids ages 3-18. For a detailed overview on each Awana club, please click here for more info.

AWANA Volunteers:

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Wednesdays | The time commitment for volunteers is 5:45 – 8:15p

The Awana program offers some amazing opportunities for parents and young adults to volunteer and make a lasting impact in the lives of kids to shepherd and build their faith. Come give it a try and volunteer with us this year, you won’t regret it. Full time volunteers receive a 50% discount and part time volunteers receive a 25% discount toward your child’s registration.

For a full list of Awana volunteer opportunities please click here.


  • Check-In: Each night you will check your kids in on one of the iPads in the kids lobby. You will receive a name tag for your child and a claim ticket you will use to pick them up with. Check in begins at 6:00P
  • Drop-Off: After you check your child in on the iPad. You will be directed to their room to drop them off to the leaders. Club begins at 6:15P.
  • Pick-Up: Pick up will begin at 8:00P. Be sure you have your claim ticket to show the leaders in order to get your kids back.
  • For more information about Awana, visit