JUNE 21-24, 2022

Join us for a week full of fun with all day programming where kids can enjoy the outdoors, learn about the Lord, enjoy worship, and engage in other fun activities. 

Collide Camp is a full-day experience designed for kiddos that are first through fifth grade entering the 2022 school year.

Collide Camp works with campers on skills they can use in any sport. Each day features a different sport along with agility drills for fun and athletic development. Campers will have a chance to meet some lifelong friends through programs, worship, crazy games and small group time.

Collide Camp is run by Cherry Hills Staff, adults with extensive experience working with young kids, as well as some middle and high school students who volunteer regularly. All volunteers and staff are equipped and have gone through extensive background checks and training.



Dribble, shoot and score! Learn ball-handling, scoring and experience an atmosphere of encouragement, sportsmanship, hard work and competition.


Learn about proper cheer and dance techniques, tumbling basics and a new routine! This clinic will teach campers more than just their basics!


Learn the fundamentals of football in a non-contact environment while competing with your friends. You’ll learn to pass, receive and other proper football techniques.

Floor Hockey

Join this new modified version of hockey played outside with friends! Learn a mix of basic instruction, drills and games to develop the fundamentals of your floor hockey game.


Like to play multiple sports or want a little variety in your camp experience? In this clinic you’ll play various recreational games and backyard sports. From frisbee to kickball, this clinic is fun for all ages.


GOAL! Whether you’re a striker, midfielder, sweeper or goalkeeper, this clinic has a variety of fundamentals and skills to improve your game.


Bump, set, spike it! This clinic will teach you the skills of passing, hitting, serving and blocking through a variety of drills and matches.


Let’s learn some new things about how God created the heavens and the earth! In this clinic, you will perform daily experiments in different areas learning about chemical reactions, gasses and more!


Lights, camera, action! Theater provides hands-on experience in acting, stage presence and production. Campers will have the chance to perform in front of their peers!


Interactive, creative, unique. From crafting to painting and everything in between, this clinic will teach campers to use their skills to create beautiful works of art.


Mix, measure and mash! Learn culinary skills, master how to read recipes and experiment with different measuring, mixing and cooking methods. Take home a taste of camp each day!


Collide Camp Mini is a half-day experience to give kiddos that are 4 years old (potty independent) through going into Kindergarten fall of 2022 a taste of what Collide Camp is all about.*

Collide Camp Mini works with campers on skills they can use in their every day life. Each day features a different sport, with agility drills for fun and athletic growth, and fun activities where they can build and stretch their creativity. Mini campers also participate in fun competitions and recreational games.

Collide Camp Mini is designed and run by adults with extensive experience working with young kids. The counselors are students who are in grades 6 and up to adults.

*Campers must be 4 years old by June 1, 2022 and must be potty-trained.


We know camp can be expensive. To learn more about any discounts and scholarship offerings please head to our Collide Camp – Discounts & Scholarship Form to learn how we can help.

*All discounts and scholarship requests must be in by June 8 for us to respond with enough time before registration is closed.


Every summer, we have a crew of students who are in grades 6-12 and adult volunteers who serve as counselors for Collide Camp. This is a unique leadership opportunity for students and adults. These counselors truly make Collide Camp an awesome week for the campers.  

Youth Counselors: These are students from Sixth Grade through high school that are looking to serve. Counselors help lead campers through the camp day. They lead small group discussions and help assist during clinic time to help develop skills in the campers. Becoming a leader is important and we will have high expectations for all our Counselors. You will oversee 8-12 campers and help keep them organized and energized throughout the week. Collide Camp Counselors are vital to helping create a fun camp experience for all our campers.   

Students in grades 6-8 can serve in Collide Mini.   

High Schoolers can serve in Collide.   

Adult Counselors: Camp isn’t just for Students. We know adults want in on the fun too. We need fun loving adult volunteers, especially for our Collide Mini Camp. Another benefit for adult volunteers is you will get a 20% discount for your campers, as well as be able to register them early for camp.  

If you are interested in serving, please click on the appropriate link below to apply. 


Collide general

What time is check-in? 

Check in each day starts at 8:30a.  

What are camp teams? 

While each camper is assigned to one clinic (sport or interest area), they are also assigned to one of our two camp teams: Thunder (Yellow) or Lightning (Blue). The whole week camp teams work towards earning points, by good participation or good sportsmanship, that get totaled at the end to see which camp team wins the overall camp point total.  

What should my camper bring to camp each day? 

Each day, your camper should bring: 

  • Sack lunch 
  • Water bottle 
  • Equipment for their specific sport (such as soccer, basketball, etc) 
  • Sunscreen 

On Thursday we have Water Day! We recommend your camper bring a swimsuit and towel for afternoon water fun. For more info, please refer to the Water Day question below. **PLEASE HAVE ALL ITEMS LABELED WITH CAMPERS NAME, FIRST & LAST)  

What does a typical day look like for my camper? 

In the morning the campers will participate in their clinic. After lunch, campers will have club time (Large Group with worship and an engaging Teaching time), followed by fun and active games and activities. 

What is Club time? 

Skits, worship and teaching. 

Is there a medical team onsite? 

Yes. We have a team of licensed healthcare professionals onsite throughout the week. All medics are EMTs, Paramedics or RNs with extensive sports medicine training. 

What if my child needs medication during the day? 

Please be sure to share any medical information on your form when you register. When you check-in your camper on Tuesday, you may take their medication, EpiPens and/or inhalers to the medical team. 

After the closing program on Friday, please remember to return to the medical station to pick up your camper’s meds. 

My child has allergies, is your camp peanut free? 

No. Campers bring their own lunches and snacks. We are not able to control what is brought to camp. However, any snacks we provide are peanut free and campers all wash their hands after lunch. 

Who are the counselors? 

Each summer, we have a great crew of students in grades 6-12 and adults who serve as Clinicians Leaders and Counselors. Counselors apply for their positions and volunteer their time to make sure your camper has the best week possible.  

What are the theme days? 

Each day at camp, campers are invited to participate in theme days. These are not required, but do help bring some extra energy to camp and help them to earn more points for the team. 

2022 Theme Days 

  • Tuesday- Team Colors (Thunder = Yellow, Lighting = Blue) 
  • Wednesday- Favorite Sports Team 
  • Thursday- Water Day 
  • Friday- Camp T-Shirt Day 

What is Water Day? 

Thursday is Water Day! Campers participate in fun water games and activities. We recommend campers wear or bring swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and sandals with straps, so they stay on. 

What is the early pick-up policy?  

Collide Camp will be jam-packed with super cool activities that your kids will not want to miss! We ask that you schedule all non-urgent appointments outside of camp hours. If you are unable to schedule outside of camp hours, we ask that you come during lunch (11:40a-12:10p). Please note that it may take up to 15 minutes for you camper to gather their personal belongings and travel to the main lobby as the kids are located all around campus.   

Registration FAQs

What is included in registration? 

Registration includes a Collide Camp t-shirt, camp cinch pack and an awesome week of clinic training, competition, laughs and growth! 

Where does the money go for our registration? 

Collide Camp registration fees cover the cost of hiring an amazing clinician team, medical team, skit professionals, facility rentals and more. 

Can I pick more than one clinic for the week? 

No. Campers are organized in their clinics not just for their sport or activity. They also get to know each other and build community during huddle time. To help build that community we keep campers in the same clinic all week long. If your camper is looking for some variety throughout the week, Rec-Games may be a great option. Here they try out different games or backyard sports each day.  

Do you offer discounts for families with more than one camper? 

Yes. To learn more about our discounts and scholarship offerings, please head to our Collide Camp – Multiple Kid Discount & Scholarship Application Form.  

My child can no longer attend camp, may I get a refund? 

Prior to June 8, camp fees are refundable less $50 per registration ($30 for Mini Camp). Refunds will not be issued after June 8. 

Collide Mini FAQs

What time is check-in? 

Check in starts each day at 8:30a. 

What should my mini camper bring to camp each day? 

Each day, your camper should bring: 

  • Water bottle (Please have your campers name written on it in permanent marker) 
  • Snack 
  • Sunscreen 

On Thursday we have Water Day! We recommend your camper wear a swimsuit and bring towel for water fun. For more info, please refer to the Water Day question below. 

What does a typical day look like for my mini camper? 

Campers will start out with a morning program, including worship, fun skits and teaching. Then campers will participate in one sport or activity each day and compete in fun activities/games or creating something fun they can take home.

Who are the Counselors & Clinicians? 

Mini Counselors are students completing grade 6. Counselors apply for their positions and volunteer their time to make sure your Camper has the best week possible. Our Clinicians are adults who over see all counselors and campers. 




How are Campers divided in their clinic? 

In most clinics, campers are divided by age and ability to ensure each camper is challenged and learns new skills throughout the week. Our clinicians watch for campers who need more help or who may need more of a challenge. 


Are the clinics co-ed? 

Yes, all of our clinics are co-ed. 


Who are your clinicians? 

Our clinicians are adults with high school to college level experience in the clinic they teach. They are leaders among their peers and exemplify a Christ-like lifestyle.