Boulder County Fire Relief

The recent fires in Boulder County resulted in an unimaginable loss for people who, without warning, lost their homes and all their earthly possessions. It is in moments like these that we as the Church have an opportunity to come beside our neighbors to support them through their loss. Since Cherry Hills is more geographically removed, our plan is to work directly with churches in the heart of the affected areas. These churches are doing an amazing job at assessing needs and gathering the resources necessary to meet those needs. There are two primary ways you can help immediately:


The first and most important thing we can do is pray. Pray for the people who are experiencing loss and have been affected by the fires. Pray for those affected as they start to rebuild in the coming months. Pray for the first responders who worked around the clock while their own homes were at risk. Pray for God to provide you with unique opportunities to be the Church. Pray for the local churches in the affected area to be the hands and feet of Christ throughout this crisis. And pray especially for those uninsured or underinsured residents whose losses are complete and who are truly left with nothing.


As community organizations and local churches continue to assess the needs that arise, Cherry Hills will be in direct contact to learn of any unique ways we can assist.

If you feel burdened to help in the meantime, you can partner directly with one of the churches below.

Ascent Community Church

Phone: 303.518.8084

Grace Commons

Phone: 303.402.6400

Flatirons Community Church

Phone: 303.664.5524

We will update this page as more specific needs arise and how they can be met.